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Craft professional slides instantly! Harness the power of AI to create polished presentations in mere seconds.

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Welcome to the future of presentations with Slides AI! Say goodbye to the dull task of making slides by hand forever! They offer a seamless way to transform any text into professional, eye-catching slides with just a few clicks. With Slides AI, the days of wrestling with design software are over and it’s time to let AI do the heavy lifting.

Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or a newbie, Slides AI has you covered. Simply paste your text into the platform, and watch as they work their magic, crafting sleek presentations in record time. No design skills? No problem because Slides AI handles everything as they leave you free to focus on perfecting your content.

But that’s not all ,Slides AI goes beyond text conversion. Need a presentation on a specific topic? Just provide the subject, and let them do the rest. Plus, with support for over 100 languages, language barriers are a thing of the past.

With their AI image generation, users can describe their vision, choose a style, and watch as Slides AI creates stunning visuals to complement their slides. Looking for citations, icons, and premium stock images? Slides AI has it all, making presentations truly stand out.

And the best part is that users can try Slides AI for free! Sign up for their basic free trial today and experience the future of presentation creation without any cost. Try it now and see the difference for yourself!

Quick View

Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $10/month)
Tool Release Year2023
Founded byAnurag Bhagsain
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.8
Main FeaturesAI-generated text, AI-generated themes
Best Used For AI-Powered Slide Creation


On a free plan you will get 3 Presentations / month, 2500 Character Input / Presentation, 10 AI Credits / month and more.
Credit Card Required?
Phone Number Required?
Paid Upgrade From$10/month

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