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Transform your ideas into stunning slides with Slidesgo AI, your smart assistant for creating presentations that impress effortlessly!

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SlidesGO’s AI presentation maker is a game-changer for anyone short on time or inspiration. This innovative tool allows users to create stunning slideshows in just a few clicks.

SlidesGO acts like a 24/7 assistant, always ready to help create presentations. Users simply choose their topic, pick a design style, and select the desired tone. The AI does the rest, delivering a perfect presentation in minutes. Whether it’s for a business meeting, a school project, or a fun event, SlidesGO ensures the final product is impressive and polished.

Despite the AI doing most of the work, users still have full control over their slides. The online editor from makes it easy to change text, colors, and layout. With access to images and icons from Freepik and Flaticon, users can further enhance their presentations.

The process is straightforward. Users start by deciding on their presentation topic and typing it in for the AI to understand. They can then select from various styles like doodle, simple, abstract, geometric, and elegant, and choose a tone (fun, creative, casual, professional, or formal). After generating the slides, the online editor allows for easy adjustments to colors, text boxes, and other elements. Once satisfied with the presentation, users can download it as a PDF for free or share it via a link.

SlidesGO also offers a free plan, allowing users to experience all its features without any cost. This makes it easy and fun to create presentations, showing just how much of a difference SlidesGO can make.

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting ₹189.00/month)
Tool Release Year2010
Founded byAlejandro Sánchez Blanes, Joaquín Cuenca Abela, Pablo Blanes
LocationMálaga, Andalucia, Spain
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.5
Main FeaturesCustomization, Choose design styles, Modify slides
Best Used ForAI presentation maker


On a free plan you can generate presentation free of charge.
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