Dubverse.AIis the transformative tool that bridges the gap between creativity and automation. With just a click, it orchestrates a symphony of seamless audio brilliance from your words. Imagine a world where your ideas

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Step into the magical world of Dubverse, where content creation becomes a breeze! Dubverse is the ultimate companion for creators, boasting a generative AI platform that effortlessly transforms your videos into multilingual masterpieces at the click of a button. With over 150 speakers at your disposal, the power of AI is harnessed to dub your content, ensuring it resonates across the globe.

Imagine reaching 100K+ subscribers with just 40 videos, as experienced by Divyanshu Logi from Loginion. Dubverse offers a self-servable script editor, 450+ human-like voices, and real-time translation, making the entire process seamless and stress-free. You can choose from a plethora of languages, reaching a diverse audience with ease.

The platform covers various use cases, from documentaries to tech tutorials, informational videos to how-to guides. Dubverse empowers creators and teams to go multilingual effortlessly. Its AI-powered dubbing, subtitles, and text-to-speech features are a game-changer for industries like EdTech, media houses, L&D, agencies, and more.

With a robust database of over 204 million words, Dubverse has produced a whopping 730K+ videos in 60+ languages, captivating an audience of 500K+ creators. The platform’s user-friendly interface includes a built-in sharing utility, on-demand language experts, and the ability to download subtitles on the go.

And the best part? Dubverse invites you to experience the magic with a free trial! No credit card, no contracts—just pure creative exploration. Join the ranks of successful creators like Divyanshu Logi and let Dubverse elevate your content to new linguistic heights. Try Dubverse today and watch your videos speak more languages than ever before!

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting ₹600/50 credits)
Tool Release Year2021
Founded byAnuja Dhawan, Varshul CW
LocationGurgaon, Haryana, India
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.8
Main FeaturesAI Subtitles, Text-to-Speech, Languages, Speakers
Best Used ForDub videos


On a free trial, you will get a basic speaker, default translations, and 1 download per week. 
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Paid Upgrade From ₹600/50 credits
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