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iA Presenter's text-based interface makes your story the star of your presentation, ensuring clarity and focus every time you share your ideas.

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Introducing iA Presenter, your gateway to effortless storytelling and polished presentations. This innovative tool combines creativity with efficiency, empowering you to craft compelling narratives and dynamic slides with ease.

Begin by sharing your thoughts directly in the text-based editor, where you can draft stories, paste emails, or jot down notes, all without the hassle of starting from scratch. iA Presenter simplifies the process, allowing you to transform raw ideas into structured presentations effortlessly.

Organizing your content is intuitive with iA Presenter’s slide creation features. Quickly segment your narrative into slides or merge them for a cohesive flow, ensuring your message resonates clearly with your audience. Enhance each slide with captivating visuals and formatted text, optimized for maximum impact across various devices.

Customization is key with iA Presenter. Adjust fonts, colors, and layouts effortlessly to match your style and audience preferences. The platform’s adaptive design engine ensures your presentation looks polished on screens of all sizes, from smartphones to large displays.

During presentations, stay focused and confident using Speaker’s View, a built-in teleprompter that guides you through each slide with bold cues. Once your presentation concludes, seamlessly export it as a concise, beautifully structured document that captures every detail.

Ready to elevate your storytelling and presentation skills? Dive into iA Presenter with a free trial and explore its full range of features, including automated design adjustments and user-friendly export options. Whether you’re a professional speaker, educator, or creative storyteller, iA Presenter empowers you to deliver impactful presentations with clarity and style.

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Free Usage Policy14 Days free trial
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Tool Release Year2005
Founded byOliver Reichenstein
LocationZurich, Switzerland
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Popularity Index9.0
Main FeaturesAI Presentaion, AI Designs
Best Used ForAI Presenation

14 Days free trial

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