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Build smarter conversations with Nubot AI, Chatbot Builder—your go-to tool for creating chatbots that understand, respond, and engage like never before!

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Step into the future of sales and customer service with Nubot! Say goodbye to scattered messages and welcome streamlined communication that effortlessly converts leads into sales.

With Nubot, businesses can enjoy the benefits of an AI-powered chatbot that operates tirelessly across WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. They ensure no lead goes unnoticed, providing automatic responses 24/7 to keep customers engaged and satisfied.

But Nubot offers more than just automated replies; they serve as a virtual sales assistant, managing data, automating tasks, and even showcasing product catalogs to potential customers. Their integration with ChatGPT elevates customer interactions, delivering personalized conversations that keep clients coming back for more.

Nubot’s WhatsApp CRM and Facebook Messenger capabilities centralize communication, simplifying client interactions in one convenient platform. Getting started with Nubot is a breeze. Businesses simply sign up, customize the chatbot to fit their brand, and seamlessly integrate it with their preferred channels.

But why take their word for it? Experience the power of AI-driven sales and customer service free for 7 days. Witness how Nubot revolutionizes digital communication, empowering businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Sign up now and let Nubot propel your business towards success!

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Free Usage Policy7 Days Free Trial
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $49.99/month)
Tool Release YearUnknown
Founded byAI Chain labs
Social media presence
Popularity Index7.5
Main FeaturesAutomatic responses, Customer experience, Task automation and more.
Best Used ForAI Chatbot Builder

7 Days Free Trial

On a 7 days free plan you can create up to 1 chatbot,1 website and more.
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