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Orufy AI Chatbot: The conversational wizard that stands out, making every interaction uniquely remarkable.

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Discover Orufy, the no-code AI chatbot designed to revolutionize your customer service. With Orufy, you can solve 60% of customer queries instantly and deliver quick solutions, all powered by advanced generative AI. Building your chatbot with Orufy is a breeze. Thanks to advanced Natural Language Processing, your chatbot will understand and engage with customers like a pro. The simple drag-and-drop interface lets you craft smooth chatbot flows without needing any coding skills.

Elevate your customer interactions with rich media support. They allow you to add images, emojis, buttons, and carousels to make conversations lively and engaging. You can also tailor the look of your chatbot with widget customization, adjusting colors, fonts, and layouts to match your brand perfectly. Orufy helps you understand your chatbot’s performance with valuable insights into user interactions. This means you can continuously improve and optimize your service. For even smarter chatbots, integrate ChatGPT to enhance their capabilities and ensure they keep getting better.

Orufy supports omni-channel engagement, so you can publish your chatbot across multiple platforms. This makes it easy to reach and engage with your audience wherever they are. With their generative AI, your chatbot does more than just answer questions, it makes workflows smoother and feels like a helpful friend, making your work smarter and more efficient.

And the cherry on top? You can explore all features of Orufy with their 14 days free trial. Explore all the features and see how Orufy can transform your customer service into a seamless, efficient experience. Start your free trial today!

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Free Usage Policy14 Days Free Trial
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $5/agent/month)
Tool Release Year2020
Founded byUnknown
LocationJaipur, Rajasthan
Social media presence
Popularity Index7.7
Main FeaturesAdvanced NLP, Drag & Drop, Widget Customization
Best Used ForAI Chatbot

14 Days Free Trial

On a 14 days free trial you can explore Orufy’s features.
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