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Snov AI Email Writer: Craft perfect emails in seconds. Save time, impress clients, and boost your outreach with ease!

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Welcome to Snov, your ultimate partner in automated sales engagement! Imagine having a platform that not only finds potential leads but reaches out and helps you close the deal effortlessly. Their Email Finder is like a treasure map, guiding you to pre-verified leads that perfectly match your ideal customer profile. With a vast database and versatile search options, finding and collecting leads becomes a breeze.

Enhance your engagement with Multichannel Campaigns that blend the best of email and LinkedIn outreach. Imagine the power of automated follow-ups that keep the conversation going without any extra effort. With unlimited follow-ups and sender accounts, you stay connected with prospects, increasing your chances of making that sale.

Never worry about bouncing emails again with their Email Verifier. It’s a meticulous system that ensures your email list is clean and accurate. With 98% accuracy, your messages hit the right inboxes every time, reducing the frustration of undelivered emails. Their Email Warm-up tool is your secret weapon. It uses AI to generate conversations and warms up your email templates, enhancing your reputation and ensuring your emails land in the lead’s inbox rather than the dreaded spam folder.

Optimize your sales team’s efficiency with Snov’s intuitive Sales CRM. It’s like having a personal assistant that syncs with Google Calendar, manages multiple pipelines, and provides insightful deal loss analytics. Keeping your sales process smooth and organized has never been simpler!

Snov integrates with over 5,000 apps, creating a workflow that’s as smooth as it is powerful. Whether you’re connecting with CRMs or customer support tools, you can do it all without a hitch and without needing any coding skills. Plus, Snov is available in multiple languages.

And the cherry on top? They offer a free trial in which you’ll get 50 credits and 100 email recipients to jumpstart your journey. And with their award-winning customer service on standby. Dive in now and watch your sales soar with Snov!

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $30/month)
Tool Release Year2017
Founded byUnknown
LocationNew York
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.5
Main FeaturesAI email assistant, fine tune, Generate subject lines
Best Used ForAI Email writer


On a free trial you will get 50 credits, 100 email recipients and more.
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Paid Upgrade From$30/month
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