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Elevate your apps to new heights with Vapi AI's cutting-edge voice technology, making communication seamless across languages!

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Welcome to VAPI, it is the ultimate tool for developers to effortlessly create, test, and deploy voice agents in a fraction of the time. They stand out with an array of unique features designed to optimize performance and enhance their user experience.

VAPI’s turbo latency optimizations ensure lightning-fast responses by leveraging optimized GPU inference, intelligent caching, and low-latency audio streaming. This means voicebots react in real-time, just like a human would.With their interruptions management tool, VAPI ensures smooth and natural conversations by knowing when to pause and listen.

Their proprietary endpointing model ensures uninterrupted communication by detecting pauses in speech without cutting off users prematurely. This keeps the conversation flowing seamlessly.

With their function calling, voicebots gain superpowers, from booking appointments to data lookup and form-filling, the possibilities are endless. VAPI’s designed kubernetes cluster allows for scaling to over 1 million concurrent calls, ensuring voice agents can handle any workload with ease.

VAPI also prioritizes reliability with on-prem provider deployments, eliminating latency spikes and reliability issues associated with shared infrastructure. Their private internet guarantees consistent performance worldwide by bypassing network congestion on the public internet.

The most impressive aspect of VAPI is their customizability. Whether developers prefer to bring their own models, voices, backend, or surface, VAPI supports it all. With support for various platforms like OpenAI, Groq, and Azure, and compatibility with client-side SDKs for Web, iOS, Flutter, React Native, and Python, VAPI offers unparalleled flexibility.

Users can get started with VAPI today with $10 in free credits on their free plan. Sign up for VAPI now and experience the future of voice technology firsthand.

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting 5¢/min)
Tool Release Year2020
Founded byJordan Dearsley and Nikhil Gupta
LocationSan Francisco, CA
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.2
Main FeaturesTurbo latency optimizations, Interruptions, Multilingual support
Best Used ForTranscriber, Text To Speech, AI Chatbots


On a free plan you will get $10 in free credits to begin testing voice workflows.
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