Voicemod, the ultimate voice-changing tool, adds a dash of excitement to your conversations. With its user-friendly interface, Voicemod turns the mundane into extraordinary. Unleash a world of creativity as you morph your voice

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Dive into a world of limitless vocal creativity with Voicemod, the ultimate real-time voice changer for Windows 10/11 and Mac! Unleash your imagination and transform your voice on the fly, becoming a robot, demon, chipmunk, or even a celebrity, all with just a click. Whether you’re a gamer, content creator, or virtual YouTuber, Voicemod is your passport to sonic self-expression in the metaverse.

With compatibility across a plethora of applications and games, including Discord, Zoom, Google Meet, Minecraft, and more, Voicemod ensures that your voice stands out in the crowd. Spice up your streams, surprise your friends in chat, or take control of your voice with the Voicemod Bits Twitch Extension if you’re a streamer.

But Voicemod is more than just a voice changer—it’s a powerhouse of sound effects too! The Soundboard feature lets you add custom effects, creating a symphony of laughter and surprise in games like Halo Infinite, Apex Legends, or Call of Duty. The possibilities are endless, with new themed sound effects added every month.

For creative minds, the VoiceLab feature lets you craft your own unique voice filters. Experiment with over a dozen professional-grade audio effects to redefine your vocal identity. Share your creations with the community and make your mark in the auditory realm of gaming and streaming.

Setting up VoiceMod is a breeze. Download the software, choose your main microphone, explore the library of over 90 voices, and assign your favorites to keybinds. Integration is seamless with applications like Elgato Stream Deck, Streamlabs OBS, and more.

Are you ready to embark on an auditory adventure? Voicemod offers a free trial, allowing you to experience the magic firsthand. Download now and discover the joy of limitless voice modulation!

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? No
Tool Release Year2014
Founded byFernando Bosch, Jaime Bosch, Juan Bosch
LocationComunidad Valenciana, Spain
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.2
Main FeaturesVoice Changer for PC, Soundboard, Text to Song, AI Voices
Best Used ForAI Voice Changer


On a free plan you will get real-time voice changer and soundboard
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