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"Transform your words into text seamlessly with Assembly AI Speech to Text, where every spoken word becomes a precise, effortless digital script."

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AssemblyAI redefines the landscape of speech-to-text technology with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Designed for seamless integration via a straightforward API, AssemblyAI’s solutions are ideal for transcribing both audio and video files with human-level precision in mere seconds, scalable to handle extensive projects effortlessly.

At the core of AssemblyAI’s capabilities is the Universal-1 model, boasting an exceptional accuracy rate exceeding 92.5%. With a rapid processing time of just 30.4 seconds for every 30-minute audio file and supported by a vast training dataset of 12.5 million hours, AssemblyAI sets a new standard in transcription accuracy and speed. Their commitment to maintaining the industry’s lowest Word Error Rate ensures meticulous transcription quality for diverse applications.

AssemblyAI goes beyond basic transcription with advanced features such as custom vocabulary support for specialized terms, speaker diarization to identify individual speakers, and comprehensive multilingual support encompassing over 99 languages, including Global English variants.

Enhance productivity with automated features like auto punctuation, precise word timings, confidence scores per word, and optional inclusion of filler words. Maintain professionalism with built-in profanity filtering and customize transcription details with bespoke spelling preferences.

Security is paramount with AssemblyAI, adhering to enterprise-grade standards and delivering continuous updates to enhance functionality and data protection.

And the cherry on top? You can explore the potential of AssemblyAI with their free plan, offering access to powerful speech-to-text capabilities, transcription services, and up to 100 hours of audio processing at no cost. Dive into AssemblyAI today and elevate your audio content handling with precision and efficiency.

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $0.12/hour)
Tool Release Year2017
Founded byUnknown
LocationSan Francisco, California
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.7
Main FeaturesCustom vocabulary, Auto punctuation
Best Used ForSpeech-to-Text


On a free plan, you will get access to speech-to-text, transcription, up to 100 hours of audio, and more.
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