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Boomy AI, the wizard of melodies, magically turns your creative mayhem into a symphonic masterpiece. It's your musical companion, transforming even the most basic ideas into awe-inspiring harmonies. With Boomy AI, the intricate

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Step into the exciting realm of Boomy AI, where music creation becomes a seamless journey for musicians of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a novice, Boomy’s revolutionary technology allows you to compose original songs in mere seconds, revolutionizing your musical experience.

Submitting your creations to popular streaming platforms is not just about sharing; it’s a chance to earn recognition and rewards as listeners groove to your beats. Boomy extends beyond being a mere tool; it’s a dynamic global community, uniting artists in a shared passion for innovation and self-expression.

Discover Boomy’s diverse soundscape through curated playlists like “This is Boomy,” “Boomy EDM,” and “Boomy LoFi.” Each playlist is a gateway to a unique musical experience, ensuring there’s something for every creative soul.

Boomy offers a free subscription tier, making it accessible for all aspiring musicians. With this free plan, enjoy basic song editing tools, save up to 25 songs, and release three compositions. Plus, explore the freedom to create up to 12 songs per release, giving you a taste of the limitless possibilities that await within the Boomy universe.

Join Boomy today, where your creativity takes center stage and the world becomes your audience. Start composing, collaborating, and experiencing the magic of music with Boomy!

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $9.99 /month)
Tool Release Year2018
Founded bySan Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US
LocationBerkeley, California, United States
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Popularity Index8.0
Main FeaturesAI-generated music, Customization, Global community
Best Used ForMake music with AI


On a free plan you will get Create and edit songs, Access to basic song editing tools, 25 song saves, 3 releases, Up to 12 songs per release
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