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Lovo AI, the wizard of words, transforms everyday conversations into extraordinary experiences. With its enchanting powers of artificial intelligence, LOVO breathes life into words, creating a symphony of seamless communication. Imagine a world

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Step into a realm of auditory brilliance with LOVO AI, the unrivaled AI voice generator and text-to-speech powerhouse loved by over a million users worldwide. Immerse yourself in a symphony of 500+ voices spanning 100 languages, a true testament to LOVO’s prowess in the world of voice generation.

Trusted by industry titans like Forbes, BBC Radio 4, and Stanford, LOVO AI stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Feel the pulse of realistic text-to-speech, where emotions weave seamlessly into voiceovers, delivering an unparalleled audiovisual experience.

Unleash the magic of Genny, LOVO’s AI writer, breaking the shackles of writer’s block with lightning-fast script creation. Write scripts 10 times faster and effortlessly infuse professionalism into your content. Genny also offers the unique ability to clone your voice with just 10 seconds of audio, giving your brand an unmistakable identity.

LOVO AI goes beyond voice generation, offering an online video editor and the luxury of HD royalty-free images for your videos, eliminating the need for tedious stock image searches. Choose from a diverse array of voices tailored for various applications, from education and explainer videos to audiobooks and podcasts.

For developers, LOVO AI’s API opens the door to integrating the world’s most advanced AI voices into your apps effortlessly, with just 5 lines of code.

Embark on your LOVO AI journey with a 14-day pro trial—no credit card required. Experience a 90% reduction in time and budget spent on voiceovers. Join the legion of professionals who’ve recognized the unmatched capabilities of LOVO AI, and let your content resonate with voices that redefine realism. Elevate your audio game with LOVO AI, where innovation meets voice.

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Free Usage Policy14 Days Free Trial
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $4/month)
Tool Release Year2019
Founded byTom Lee
LocationBerkeley, California, United States
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.5
Main FeaturesText to Speech, Voice Cloning, AI Voices, AI Art Generator
Best Used ForAI Voice

14 Days Free Trial

On a free trail you will get 14 days free trial of Pro (unlimited voice clone, 5 hours of voice generation, Auto subtitle generator, Stock Images, collaborate with team members)
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