Scribbr is more than just a tool; it's the creative spark your writing needs. With Scribbr, your words transform into a literary masterpiece, each sentence a brushstroke, painting a vivid picture of your

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Welcome to the world of AI-powered writing excellence, where your academic journey is about to get a turbo boost! Unleash the full potential of your pen with our array of free AI writing resources, designed to transform your prose without compromising your integrity.

Picture this: you’ve penned a brilliant essay, and the last thing you need is a pesky typo sabotaging your grades. Fear not, our Grammar Checker is here to the rescue, instantly providing feedback to keep those typos at bay. Are you worried about accidental plagiarism? Our paraphrasing tool has got your back, ensuring your words shine with originality.

Are long texts dragging you down? Meet the Summarizer, your shortcut to distilling complex information into bite-sized brilliance. And here’s the kicker: our AI proofreader, powered by Scribbr, scans your document for grammar gremlins, swooping in with near-human accuracy to polish your writing to perfection.

But wait, there’s more! Dive into the realm of ChatGPT, your study companion extraordinaire. Craft research questions, brainstorm topics, or quiz yourself with our 100% ethical prompts, ensuring you’re on the fast track to academic success.

Ever wondered about AI detectors, paraphrasing tools, or grammar checkers? Our articles spill the beans, offering insights into the best tools in town. Explore universities’ AI policies and Scribbr’s take on responsible AI use, guiding you to navigate the academic landscape seamlessly.

Now, the cherry on top: our free trial! Experience the magic firsthand with our AI tools—paraphrasing, grammar checking, and summarizing—all with no signup required. Boost your productivity, write faster, and study smarter—it’s all within your reach. Ready to embark on your AI-powered writing adventure? Let the journey begin! 

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $19.95/document)
Tool Release Year2012
Founded byKoen Driessen
LocationAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
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Popularity Index8.0
Main FeaturesParaphrasing Tool, Grammar Checker, Summarizer
Best Used ForImprove your writing with AI


On a free plan you will get paraphrasing, grammar checking, and summarizing.
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