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Unlock the magic of storytelling effortlessly with SimpleShow Video Maker. This incredible tool transforms intricate concepts into captivating tales with ease. No need for complicated processes; SimpleShow simplifies the art of creating engaging

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Are you tired of wrestling with complex video creation tools? Look no further—SimpleShow is here to revolutionize your experience with an AI-powered video maker that’s as smart as it gets. Imagine a world where crafting captivating explainer videos is a breeze and where technology works smarter so you don’t have to work harder.

Meet the genius behind the scenes—the Simpleshow Explainer Engine. It’s not just a tool; it’s your video-making sidekick, always learning, always improving. Starting with the art of storytelling, this engine takes the lead in translating narratives into a visual feast. The challenge of finding the perfect visual representation for your story? Say goodbye to it, thanks to the sheer brilliance of AI.

Picture this: a hand turning a canvas, revealing the inner workings of SimpleShow’s artificial intelligence—a true spectacle. But it’s not just for show; it’s the Explainer Engine in action. This magic engine identifies key points in your text, emphasizes messages with perfect illustrations, and then transforms it all into a stunning video—all in a matter of minutes.

Your only job? Add the finishing touches. Choose from a vast illustration database, add a personal voiceover, or explore limitless customization options to make it uniquely yours. The power to create is now in your hands, with simplicity and efficiency at the forefront.

Ready to dive in? SimpleShow offers a free trial to kickstart your video-making journey. Create unlimited videos in over 20 languages, let AI whip up your video script, and explore auto-magical visualization. It’s time to let your creativity soar, hassle-free. Try SimpleShow today and witness the future of video creation unfold before your eyes!

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $129/month)
Tool Release Year2008
Founded byJens Schmelzle, Kai Blisch
LocationBerlin, Germany
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.5
Main FeaturesAI text to video, Automated animations, Automated script writing, One-click translation, Interactive elements
Best Used ForMake animated videos in minutes


On a free plan, you can create unlimited videos in 20+ languages, have AI write your video script, and choose from all storyline templates, including auto-magical visualization.
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Paid Upgrade From$129/month
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