Step into a world of effortless communication with Speakatoo, where words come alive, weaving a seamless tapestry of clarity in every conversation. Imagine a tool that transforms the way you express yourself, making

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Introducing Speakatoo, your gateway to an immersive and personalized text-to-voice experience! With over 130 supported languages and a diverse array of 850+ AI voices, Speakatoo lets you transform your text into lifelike audio effortlessly. Whether you’re crafting e-learning materials, enhancing advertisements, or engaging with customers through IVR voices, Speakatoo’s intuitive platform caters to all your needs.

Choose from an extensive list of male and female voices, each with its own unique flair, such as the cheerful Aria, the empathetic Elijah, or the versatile Jason. Adjust the audio controls to your liking—tune the rate, pitch, and volume—or add breathing pauses for a truly authentic auditory experience. With advanced effects like SSML emotions, you can easily convey emotions ranging from excitement to sadness, tailored to your content.

Speakatoo doesn’t just stop there; it’s user-friendly, making navigation a breeze. The platform supports API integration, cloud storage for one year at no extra cost, and the option to use audio links. Plus, it’s budget-friendly, offering cost-effective plans with both one-time and monthly subscription options.

What sets Speakatoo apart is its commitment to continuous improvement. Through everyday neural training and AI-based components, Speakatoo ensures that every pronunciation and inflection becomes better each day, providing a real text-to-speech (TTS) experience.

And here’s the exciting part: you can get started for free! Simply sign up, enjoy 200 free characters, choose from 130+ languages, and experiment with 850+ premium AI voices. No payment required, no commercial usage fees—just a hassle-free introduction to the world of Speakatoo. Save time, stay focused, and work smarter with Speakatoo Text to Speech Automation!

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting ₹225/month )
Tool Release Year2021
Founded byMaAnna Stephenson
Location Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh,India
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.5
Main FeaturesMultiple language support, AI writer, API integration, Wide range of voices
Best Used ForText to Speech


On a free plan you will get 200 Free Characters, 130+ Languages, 850+ Premium AI Voices
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Paid Upgrade From₹225/month
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