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Freemium is your gateway to eloquence! Craft impeccable sentences effortlessly, as this tool transforms your words into masterpieces. With, the art of communication becomes a breeze, allowing you to unlock the full

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Step into the extraordinary realm of Studio Max, your virtual haven for crafting extraordinary voiceovers! Say goodbye to the arduous journey of voiceover struggles and brace yourself for the game-changing experience that Studio Max brings to the table, turning your audio aspirations into tangible reality.

Imagine an extensive array of 26 voices at your fingertips, seamlessly mastering 11 Indian languages as if it were second nature. Studio Max transcends the realm of a mere virtual studio; it emerges as your clandestine ally in the pursuit of creating awe-inspiring narrations. Manage a multitude of projects effortlessly, armed with an expansive 3000-character limit, infuse diversity with various voiceover styles, and refine your masterpiece with the finesse of an audio wizard in our phenomenal Audio Editor.

Meet the likes of Akash, James, Karishma, and a plethora of other voices eagerly awaiting to collaborate with your creative genius. This isn’t just a service; it marks the inception of a beautiful alliance between your imaginative concepts and the perfect voice.

Hold on, there’s even more! Studio Max introduces a free tier that includes 48 projects, access to 3 distinct voices, 10 downloads, and an impressive 1000 characters per audio. Consider it your golden ticket to the ultimate voiceover playground!

Are you prepared to elevate your voiceover game to unparalleled heights? Studio Max acts as your exclusive backstage pass to the realm of audio magnificence. Join the revolution, because your creativity deserves nothing short of extraordinary!

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting ₹ 499/month)
Tool Release Year2020
Founded byDiwakar Chopra
Social media presence
Popularity Index7.5
Main FeaturesText to Natural Speech Voices, Speech Synthesis, Voice Cloning, Hindi Speech to Text, voice over, and AI voices
Best Used ForText to speech


On a free plan, you will get 3 voices, 10 downloads, 1000 characters per audio, and 2,500 languages.
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Paid Upgrade From₹ 499/month
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