Unleash the magic of storytelling with Voice Over Maker, a tool that turns your words into captivating tales. In a world where every story yearns for expression, this tool becomes the conduit for

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Step into the future of audio innovation with VoiceOverMaker, where cutting-edge text-to-speech technology transforms your content into captivating auditory experiences. Imagine turning ordinary videos into immersive journeys with AI-powered voiceovers that breathe life into every frame. Whether you’re revolutionizing e-learning courses, enhancing website accessibility, or seeking efficient customer service solutions through AI Interactive Voice Response (IVR), VoiceOverMaker is your gateway to a world of possibilities.

Explore the transformative power of over 260+ WaveNet voices, crafted through groundbreaking research by DeepMind, reducing the gap in human speech by more than 70%. This technology allows you to create voices that sound incredibly natural, breaking free from the limitations of traditional robotic text-to-speech.

From podcasts and audiobooks to language training apps and audio tours for museums, VoiceOverMaker empowers creators to engage, educate, and entertain audiences across diverse platforms. Dive into the realm of YouTube and TikTok videos, where AI-driven voiceovers elevate your content, making it not just captivating but viral-worthy.

With simple and affordable pricing, VoiceOverMaker stands out as the most cost-effective text-to-speech provider on the market. No subscriptions; pay only for what you need. And yes, you can even test the waters with a free trial, offering up to 800 characters for personal use. Discover the ease of converting text to speech with VoiceOverMaker, where innovation meets accessibility, opening doors to a world of creative possibilities for everyone.

Embark on your audio adventure today with VoiceOverMaker, where your words come to life!

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $)/No
Tool Release Year2020
Founded by
LocationSpenge, Germany
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Popularity Index8.0
Main FeaturesAI voiceovers, AI text to speech, AI voice audio player, Video Translation
Best Used ForAI Powered Text To Speech


On the free plan, you will get 800 credits for the functions (AI voiceovers for video, AI voice audioplayer, text-to-speech and much more).
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Paid Upgrade From€€10
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