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Dive into the realm of playful anonymity at, where your creativity takes center stage. This versatile tool empowers you to craft alternate online personas, unleashing a world of imaginative possibilities. With each

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Step into the realm of AI creativity with FakeYou’s cutting-edge suite of tools that transform your imagination into reality! Unleash the power of Text to Speech, Voice to Voice, Voice Conversion, Voice Designer, Face Animator, and the all-new Text to Image feature. Your words have never been more dynamic!

Choose from an array of voices that span the spectrum of personalities, from the sly quirkiness of Rick to the whimsical charm of Mickey to the stoic resonance of Stan. Feel the energy of Angry Male or embrace the mystique of Zelda. With Eric in the mix, your possibilities are as vast as your creativity.

But that’s not all—immerse yourself in the community spirit! Dive into Discord and join a vibrant community eager to share insights and experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or a curious enthusiast, there’s a place for you in this digital haven.

Excitement builds as you explore the wonders of AI-generated content. Turn your text into captivating audio, have characters speak in unique voices, or even animate faces with accompanying audio. The latest addition, Text to Image, magically transforms your textual dreams into vivid visual realities.

Now, the best part: kickstart your AI journey with a free trial of the AI text-to-speech tool and voice cloning! Experience the magic firsthand without any commitment. Hurrah for creativity unbound, innovation unhinged, and voices unchained! Let your ideas come to life with FakeYou’s AI suite.

Ready to embark on your AI adventure? Start for free and watch as your imagination unfolds into a symphony of voices, images, and animations. The future of creative expression is now, and it begins with you!

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $7 /month)
Tool Release Year2002
Founded byBrandon Thomas
LocationAtlanta, Georgia
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.0
Main FeaturesText to speech, voice cloning, voice to voice, Face animator, voice designer
Best Used ForAI Music, Text to Speech, and Voice to Voice


On a free plan, you will get a text-to-speech tool and voice cloning.
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Paid Upgrade From$7 /month
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