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Fixmebot is your AI-powered language assistant, fixing errors and polishing your text to perfection with just a few clicks.

Say hello to FixMeBot, your new AI-powered companion designed to make your communications flawless in any language. With FixMeBot, you can elevate your writing, ensuring that your messages are clear, correct, and effective. Whether you’re drafting an email, writing a report, or simply chatting with friends, FixMeBot has you covered.

Tired of typos and grammar mistakes? FixMeBot instantly spots and corrects errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, so your writing is always polished. Struggling with awkward sentences? Get alternative suggestions to improve your sentence structure and clarity, making your writing smooth and professional. Need to bridge language barriers? FixMeBot effortlessly translates texts between more than 50 languages, helping you communicate globally with ease.

Speak your thoughts, and FixMeBot will transform your spoken words into written text. Then, use its correction, rephrasing, and translation features to perfect your message. Engage directly with FixMeBot in a dedicated space designed just for you. Whether you need help with a specific text or want to practice your language skills, FixMeBot is your go-to.

Communicate worldwide, faster, and more easily. FixMeBot integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow, making it simple to enhance your writing wherever you are.

Curious to see what FixMeBot can do? Start with their free plan, which offers 1,000 trial characters. Enjoy the powerful correction, rephrasing, and translation features to experience how FixMeBot can revolutionize your communication. Ready to elevate your writing? Try FixMeBot today and discover the difference!

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting € 4.99/month)
Tool Release Year2023
Founded byArtyom Shimanski, Yana Shimanskaya
LocationVilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.2
Main FeaturesText correction, Text rephrasing, Text translation, voice to text
Best Used ForAI-powered Language Assistant


On a free plan you will get 1000 trial characters, correction, rephrasing, and translation features.
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Paid Upgrade From € 4.99/month
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