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Happy Scribe: Where your words take flight, effortlessly transcribed and subtitled in one swift click!

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HappyScribe, the pioneering platform at the forefront of transcription and subtitling solutions that caters to over 100,000 users worldwide.

They seamlessly convert audio to text and enrich videos with captivating captions, utilizing state-of-the-art AI technology alongside top-notch language professionals. Their interactive editors empower transcribers and subtitlers with endless customization possibilities, streamlining workflows for enhanced productivity. 

Collaborating effortlessly with global teams, they facilitate seamless sharing of transcripts and subtitles in view-only or edit mode, ensuring efficient communication across borders.

Their Netflix-quality style guide offers precision and customization, allowing project managers to fine-tune subtitles with advanced settings for timing, formatting, grammar corrections, and speaker identification.

HappyScribe significantly reduces review time with specialized glossaries and guidelines; including support for SDH and verbatim transcription, underpinned by a team of professional linguists. 

With no restrictions on file uploads in terms of size and length, seamless integration with popular applications like Zapier and YouTube; happyscribe provides a comprehensive solution for transcription and subtitling needs for its users.

At happyscribe, security and confidentiality are paramount, assuring users that their files remain protected and private.

What’s more, their free plan offers AI transcription, subtitles, and translation, coupled with some trial minutes to explore their services risk-free. Joining HappyScribe means embracing the future of transcription and subtitling, where efficiency and quality converge seamlessly.

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $10/month)
Tool Release Year2017
Founded byAndré Bastié, Marc Assens Reina
LocationBarcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Social media presence
Popularity Index9.0
Main FeaturesSpeech to text, Captions or subtitles, Transcription
Best Used ForAI Transcription, AI Subtitles


On a “free forever” plan you will get some minutes to try AI transcription, subtitles, and translation.
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Paid Upgrade From$10/month
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