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Explore endless creative possibilities with, the ultimate tool for turning your ideas into stunning visual expressions. simplifies the art of design, offering a user-friendly platform for everyone, from beginners to seasoned

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Step into the future of music with Kits. AI It’s your go-to for super-cool AI tools that make music creation a breeze!

Picture this: You can make awesome tracks without spending forever in a studio! Thanks to Kits.AI’s magic AI voice cloning, you can create your very own digital copy of any voice. It’s easy and opens up a whole world of possibilities!

Check out the royalty-free AI Voice Library with over 35 artists. You can switch up voices on your tracks without any fuss about rules or money—it’s all easy peasy. Need some musical inspiration? Kits. AI’s got you covered with the AI Instrument Library. It’s like having a bunch of pro instruments ready for you to play around with!

But Kits. AI doesn’t stop there. The vocal separation and stem splitter features make getting clean vocals a piece of cake. No more struggling—just perfect vocals for your projects.

Making your words talk in your music is a breeze with Text-to-Speech on Kits. AI. And if you’re a tech whiz, the AI Voice Developer API Code lets you do even cooler things.

Explore the kits. The AI Voice Generator Library has voices for every type of music, from pop to rap to indie. And guess what? Kits. AI is getting high-fives from big music experts like Sound on Sound, Business Insider, and Billboard!

Ready to make your music the coolest? Try Kits.AI for free; there is no need for a credit card. Start your musical adventure with Kits.AI now!

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $9.99/month)
Tool Release Year2021
Founded byEvan Dhillon and James Paston
LocationSan Francisco, California
Social media presence
Popularity Index7.5
Main FeaturesAI voice cloning, AI instrument library, Text to speech, API.
Best Used ForAI audio tools


On a free plan, you will get converted minutes (15/month) TTS characters (30/mo). Output Quality: Low (mp3) Vocal remover
Credit Card Required?
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Paid Upgrade From$9.99/month
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