Discover the game-changing magic of Rask AI, a tool that turns complexity into simplicity. With Rask AI, you're not just navigating technology; you're commanding it effortlessly. No more grappling with intricate processes; Rask

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Embark on a linguistic adventure like never before with Rask AI, the magical wand that unlocks the global potential of your videos and audio content.

Picture this: a world where language barriers are mere whispers and your message dances across continents with joyous abandon!

Rask AI is your spirited partner in this linguistic extravaganza, translating your videos and audio at warp speed while injecting a dash of fun into the process. With a dazzling 4.7-star rating on Product Hunt, it’s the ultimate video localization hotspot, boasting an impressive lineup of 130+ languages. From British English banter to the charm of Burmese, and the lyrical vibes of Russian to the romance of Romanian, Rask AI ensures your content speaks the language of the world.

But wait, there’s more! Say hello to the star of the show—the VoiceClone feature. Imagine speaking to your audience in your own voice, transcending barriers across 29 languages. Synthetic AI voices? No more! And if your video has a chorus of speakers, worry not! Rask AI’s Multispeakers function plays conductor, seamlessly identifying speakers and orchestrating a harmonious blend of voices.

The applause doesn’t stop there. With the trust of over a million users and partnerships with industry giants like Leo Burnett and Wunderman Thompson, Rask AI is a showstopper. It’s not just a tool; it’s a transformative force in education, marketing, film dubbing—you name it!

Want to join this linguistic fiesta? Try it for free! Rask AI’s free trial lets you upload up to 3 videos, delivering a 1-minute clip from each. Unleash the power of transcription, translation, voice cloning, and subtitle creation at your fingertips. Join the language revolution with Rask AI, where your message becomes a global anthem.

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $60/month)
Tool Release Year2023
Founded byMaria Chmir
LocationDover, Delaware, United States
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.5
Main FeaturesAI dubbing, Voice cloning, AI API
Best Used ForTranslate video & audio


On the free trial, you can upload three videos and get a 1-minute clip from each. Access voice cloning and edit transcripts/translations.
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Paid Upgrade From$60/month
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