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Step into a world of visual marvels with, a tool that turns ordinary into extraordinary! This cutting-edge platform unleashes the power of transformation, where each pixel weaves a tale of innovation and

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Embark on a revolutionary journey into the realm of voice technology with Resemble AI, your gateway to cutting-edge generative voice AI for enterprise solutions. Picture this: Tarkos, the commanding voice tailored for gaming, Willow’s soothing whispers perfect for ASMR experiences, and Primrose’s natural conversational charm. But Resemble AI isn’t just about voices; it’s a powerhouse of innovation.

Deanna, the empathetic service voice, elevates customer interactions to new heights. Resemble AI pioneers in ethical practices, combating deepfake audio from music to podcasts. Real-time deepfake detection and an AI watermarker protect your intellectual property, ensuring the integrity of your content.

Venture beyond traditional text-to-speech with Resemble’s Generative Voice AI features. Inject a spectrum of emotions into your voice effortlessly—happy, sad, angry—all at your fingertips. Real-time voice cloning transforms your voice into any target voice with unprecedented control over every nuance.

Resemble Fill takes audio editing to the next level, allowing you to seamlessly blend real and synthetic content by typing. Developers, rejoice! Resemble’s flexible APIs, Python SDK, and NodeJS support make integration a breeze.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Resemble integrates with GPT-4 for powerful conversational apps, Twilio for custom AI voices in IVR, and DialogFlow for unique brand experiences.

Concerned about speaker similarity? Resemblyzer, an open-source tool, handles speaker diarization, fake speech detection, and speaker similarity—all with a simple and accessible approach.

And the best part? Experience the magic of Resemble AI with a free trial! On a free trial, you will get 300 seconds free. No credit card is needed; just immerse yourself in over 200,000 AI voices generating over 2 million minutes of audio per month. Resemble AI, where innovation meets simplicity.

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Free Usage PolicyFreemium
Paid Upgrade Option? Yes (starting $0.006 / second)
Tool Release Year2018
Founded bySaqib Muhammad, Zohaib Ahmed
LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada
Social media presence
Popularity Index8.5
Main FeaturesText to Speech, Speech to Speech, Neural Audio Editing, Language Dubbing
Best Used ForGenerate AI Voice


On a free plan you will get 300 seconds to clone your Voice for Free.
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Paid Upgrade From$0.006 / second
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